Understanding youth transitions

The Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) is a study that follows young Australians over 10 years, from their mid-teens to mid-twenties, as they move through school to further study, work and beyond.

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Generation Z: life after school

Our latest infographic explores the results from the 2019 surveys for our youngest cohort when they were, on average, 19 years old. We look at their levels of engagement with study and work, their desire for different work, and what they think about their health. Of Australians aged 19 in 2019:

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Latest News

LSAY Y15 wave 5 2019 data now available

Data collected from the Y15 wave 5 2019 interviews are now available. Apply to access the LSAY data from the ADA Dataverse.

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Linked higher education data now available

LSAY records have now been linked to the Higher Education Statistics Collection. Visit our data linkage page for more information.

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Educational opportunity in Australia 2020: who succeeds and who misses out

This report draws on LSAY data in the first major study to assess progress against Australia’s national education goals.

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