LSAY 2015 cohort: wave 3 (2017) - questionnaire and frequency tables

Questionnaires and frequency tables
28 March 2019


The questionnaires and frequency tables provide supporting information for LSAY data users. The questionnaire document provided here is used as the basis for coding the computer-assisted telephone and online interview software. The frequency tables provide a simple output listing of each data item along with the (unweighted) values corresponding to each category.

The wave 3 (2017) series also includes an additional paper-based recruitment questionnaire administered to Year 12 students in schools as part of the 2017 top-up activity, along with the corresponding frequency output.


Questionnaire .pdf 801.3 KB Download
Questionnaire .docx 205.3 KB Download
Frequency tables .pdf 2.3 MB Download
Frequency tables .docx 391.2 KB Download
Recruitment questionnaire .pdf 779.5 KB Download
Recruitment questionnaire .docx 579.0 KB Download
Recruitment frequency tables .pdf 716.3 KB Download
Recruitment frequency tables .docx 151.5 KB Download

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