Briefing papers

Briefing papers synthesise findings from already completed LSAY research reports on important themes and may also contain some more basic analysis of LSAY data.

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  • 1 July 2003
    Gender differences in educational and labour market outcomes
    1 July 2003
    This brief focuses on the differences in the numbers of young males and females on a range of educational and labour market outcomes. The results suggest that although there is a small but…
  • 2 April 2014
    The role of aspirations in the educational and occupational choices of young people
    2 April 2014
    Aspirations to complete Year 12 and post-school study plans formed during high school are strong predictors of Year 12 completion and participation in further education and training. The precise role …
  • 8 November 2011
    Trends in young people's wellbeing and the effects of the school-to-work transition
    8 November 2011
    This briefing paper explores the link between wellbeing and the stages of transition of participants from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) from 1995 to 2006. The paper also…
  • 12 October 2010
    Attitudes, intentions and participation in education: Year 12 and beyond
    12 October 2010
    This briefing paper draws on findings from several LSAY Research Reports (5, 27, 31, 33 and 41) which report on how student attitudes and engagement in the formative school years influence subsequent …
  • 1 October 2000
    Early school leaving and 'non-completion' in Australia
    1 October 2000
    This briefing paper on early school leaving and 'non-completion in Australia' highlights that: students who perform well at school are less likely to leave school early; boys have a greater tendency…
  • 4 February 2009
    Participation in vocational education and training to age 24
    4 February 2009
    The data for this briefing paper are from the 1995 cohort of the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY). The findings reported here are from three recent LSAY research reports, which are…
  • 26 November 2010
    Early post-school outcomes of Indigenous youth: the role of literacy and numeracy
    26 November 2010
    Using data from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY), this briefing paper explores the impact of literacy and numeracy levels on the educational gap between Indigenous and…
  • 4 February 2009
    University study in Australia: Persistence, completion and beyond
    4 February 2009
    The data for this briefing paper were collected from two LSAY cohorts: the Year 9 class of 1995 and the Year 9 class of 1998. Information on the education and labour market activities of these groups …
  • 1 July 2005
    Leaving school in Australia: Early career and labour market outcomes
    1 July 2005
    This briefing paper describes the post-school education, training and labour market activities of young people in Australia between 1996 to 2000 and identifies factors that affect their chances of…
  • 1 January 2003
    Entering higher education in Australia
    1 January 2003
    This briefing paper investigates factors contributing to entry into higher education. Highlights of this study include: early achievement in numeracy and literacy has the greatest impact on…